Eileen McManus


One day as I strolled along Broadway
A vision came into my view
A vision of sadness and beauty
A beauty that’s given to few
There was I in the land of the stranger
There was she, I’d ne’er seen her before
But some how I knew she was Irish
Sweet Eileen from Erin’s green shore

So softly a spell she cast o’er me
As her lovely form moved on it’s way
That I thought of the mother that bore me
And I prayed I would love her for Aye
And as Eileen gazed sweetly upon me
With charm of her grace evermore
I was slave to sweet Eileen McManus
That fair Colleen from Erin’s green shore

I quickly approached this fair maiden
I asked her the cause of her woe
And she said I am crying for Erin
The land where the green shamrock grows
I said make an end to your sorrow
Dear Eileen McManus asthore
We’ll marry and before to-morrow
I’ll take you to Erin’s green shore

We will travel the green hills and mountains
By the road to the gap of Dunloe
And along by the glens and the valleys
To a spot that is called Ahadoe
“Tis my joy just to see you contented
And your tears will be dried evermore
My own beautiful Eileen McManus
You’ll be home on Erin’s green shore


Joseph M Croft / Leo Maguire

Song Clip



Song Themes

Love and romance


J M Crofts