Enniskillen Dragoon


Fare thee well Enniskillen, fare thee well for a while
And all around the borders of Erin’s green isle
And when the war is over, we’ll return in full bloom
And we’ll all welcome home, the Enniskillen Dragoons

A beautiful damsel of fame and renown
A gentleman’s daughter from Monaghan town
As she drove by the barracks, this beautiful maid
Stood up in her coach to see Dragoons on parade

They were all dressed out like gentlemen’s sons
Their fine shining sabres and their carbine guns
Their silver mounted pistols, she observed them full soon
Because she loved an Enniskillen Dragoon

Flora, dear Flora, your pardon I crave
It’s now and forever that I’ll be your slave
Your parents have insulted both morn, night and noon
Because you would wed an Enniskillen Dragoon

Willie, dearest Willie, don’t heed what they say
For children, their parents are bound to obey
But when the war is over, they’ll all change their tune
And you’ll roll me in your arms by the light of the moon


The 6th Enniskillen Dragoons was a cavalry regiment in the British Army, first raised in 1689 ¬†as Sir Albert Cunningham’s Regiment of Dragoons. It saw service for three centuries before being amalgamated into the 5th/6th Dragoons in 1922.

Enniskillen Dragoons


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