Fair of Cappamore


It was on a Summer’s evening in the merry month of May
I was coming from the fair of Cappamore
I was driving home a purty pair of heifers by the way
When I chanced to stop outside a cottage door
I just stepped in to light my pipe as any man would do
Going to or coming from a fair
There I spied a pretty cailin with two eyes of melting blue
Begorra then my heart felt very quare

I love to ramble down the old boreen
When the hawthorn blossoms are in bloom
And to sit by the gate on an old mossy seat
And to whisper unto Kate Muldoon

I was coming from my farm down a neighbouring boreen
When I met sweet Kitty tripping like a fawn
She gave me such a smile that I felt as in a dream
Sure I never slept a wink that night ‘til dawn
The next time that I met her, I told her of my love
She blushed and nearly let her basket fall
Then she said ‘Go on, you schamer’ with a gentle little push
Then she added ‘ask my father’, that was all

I was thrashing in my barn when her father, he came in
Saying ‘Patsy Murphy what is this I’ve heard
I’ve been speaking to my daughter and her heart you’ve fairly won
And you’re thinking now of settling down in life
Take her in your arms with a gentle hug
And at Shrove tide you can make the girl your wife’


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Love and romance