Galway Bay (Parody)


Maybe someday I’ll go back again to Ireland,
If my dear old wife would only pass away
She’s nearly got my heart broke with her nagging
She’s got a mouth as big as Galway Bay

See her drinking sixteen pints of Pabst Blue Ribbon
And then she can walk home without a sway
If the sea was beer instead of salty water
She would live and die in Galway Bay

See he drinking sixteen pints at Pat Joe Murphy’s
The barman says, “I think it’s time you go”
Well, she doesn’t try to answer him in Gaelic
But in language that the clergy do not know

On her back she has tattooed a map of Ireland
And when she takes her bath on Saturday
She rubs the Sunlight Soap around by Claddagh
Just to watch the suds go down by Galway Bay


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