Goodbye Mick


The ship, it sails in half an hour to cross the broad Atlantic
My friends are standing on the quay with grief and sorrow frantic
I’m just about to sail away in the good ship Dan O’Leary
The anchor’s weighed, the gangway’s up, I’m leaving Tipperary

And it’s goodbye Mick and goodbye Pat, goodbye Kate and Mary
The anchor’s weighed, the gangway’s up, I’m leaving Tipperary
And now the steam is blowing off, I have no more to say
I’m bound for New York City boys, three thousand miles away

In my portmanteau here, I’ve cabbage, beans and bacon
And if you think I can’t eat that, well, there’s where your mistaken
For this ship will play with pitch and toss for half a dozen farthings
I’ll roll me bundle on me back and walk to Castle gardens

Now, I won’t come that Yankee chat, I guess I’m calculating
Come liquor up old sonny boy, when an old friend, I am treating
I’m deep in love with Molly Burke like an ass is fond of clover
I’ll send for her when I get there, if she will just come over

Then fare thee well old Erin dear, to part me heart does ache well
From Carrickfergus to Cape Clear, I’ll never see your equal
Although to foreign parts we’re bound where cannibals may eat us
We’ll ne’er forget the Holy Ground of poiteen and potatoes

When good St Paddy banished snakes, he shook them from his garment
He never thought we’d go abroad to look upon such vermin
Nor quit this land where whiskey grew to wear the Yankee button
Take vinegar for mountain dew and toads for mountain mutton

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