Grand old County Louth


You’ll find on the map of Ireland, Counties thirty two
There’s six of them in Munster and five are Connaught’s due
Twelve counties grand in Leinster, and Ulster’s nine are proud
But the county that I cherish most is the grand old County Louth

A toast to the Wee County, it’s the place I love best
There’s not a spot in Ireland that I would rather rest
You can keep your Kerry mountains and your Curragh of Kildare
For here in the grand old County Louth are scenes beyond compare

And if you don’t believe me, come and you will find
Louth’s quiet beauty will never leave your mind
And it’s in this grand county you will surely make your home
Surrounded by kind neighbours you will never want to roam

I’ll sing in praise of Carlingford, that nestles by the sea
Clogherhead, Dunleer, and Drogheda are very dear to me
There’s Ardee famed in legend where Ferdia and Chucullain fought so bold
And in the history pages Dundalk’s story oft is told

They boast about their pretty girls from Tralee and Donegal
But the girls that live in the County Louth are the prettiest of them all
They’re handsome, tall and friendly, they stand out in a crowd
You’ll only want to marry a girl from grand old County Louth
Yes you’ll only want to marry a girl from grand old County Louth


Written by John Nestor and Bobby O’Driscoll

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