Green fields of Gweedore


Down past Dunlewey’s bonny lakes one morning I did stray
Until I reached sweet Claudy banks where the silvery salmon play
I strolled around through old Bunbeg and down along the shore
And gazed with admiration on the green fields of Gweedore

I visit Magherclocher, on Middletown heights I stand
Beneath me lies the ocean wide and Machergallon strand
Those sandy banks so dear to me, those banks I do adore
Behind me lies sweet Derrybeg and the green fields of Gweedore

The bonny Isle of Gola and Inishmean so near
I see the little fishing fleet as it lies along the pier
I wander through the graveyard where those have gone before
That once lived happy and content by the green fields of Gweedore

I see sweet Inish Oirthir and far off Tory Isle
I view the ocean liners as they steam along in style
On board are Irish emigrants with hearts both sad and sore
As they gazed on old Tir Chonaill hills and the green fields of Gweedore


Song Clip