Green mossy banks of the Lee


When first in this country, a stranger
Curiosity forced me to roam
To Europe I came as a ranger
When I left Philadelphia, my home
We swiftly sailed over to Ireland
Where forms of great beauty do shine
Till at last I beheld a fair damsel
And I wished in my heart she was mine

One morning I careless did ramble
Where the winds and sweet breezes did blow
It was down by a clear crystal river
Where the sweet purling waters did flow
’Twas there I espied a fair creature
Some goddess appearing to be
As she rose from the reeds by the water
On the green mossy banks of the Lee

I stepped up and wished her good morning
Her fair cheeks did blush like a rose
Said I “The green meadows are charming
Your guardian I’lI be if you choose”
She said “Sir, I ne’er want a guardian
Young man you’re a stranger to me
And yonder my father is coming
O’er the green mossy banks of the Lee”

I waited till up came her father
And plucked up my spirits once more
Saying “Sir, if this is your fair daughter
That beautiful girl I adore.
Ten thousand a year is my fortune
And a lady your daughter shall be
She may ride with her carriage and horses
O’er the green mossy banks of the Lee”

Then they welcomed me home to their cottage
Soon after in wedlock to join
And there I did build a fair mansion
In grandeur and splendour to shine
And now the American stranger
All pleasure and pastime can see
With adorable gentle Matilda
On the green mossy banks of the Lee

Now all pretty maidens attention
No matter how poor you may be
There is many a poor girl as handsome
As those with a large property
By flattery let no one deceive you
Who knows but your fortune may be
Like that sweet and lovely Matilda
On the green mossy banks of the Lee


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Love and romance