Has sorrow thy young days shaded


Has sorrow thy young days shaded
As clouds o’er the morning fleet ?
Too fast have those young days faded
That even in sorrow, were sweet ?
Does time with his cold wing wither
Each feeling that once was dear ?
Then, child of misfortune, come hither
I’ll weep with thee, tear for tear

Has love to that soul, so tender
Been like our Lagenian mine
Where sparkles of golden splendour
All over the surface shine
But if in pursuit we go deeper
Allured by the gleam that shone
Ah, false as the dream of the sleeper
Like Love, the bright ore is gone

Has hope, like the bird in the story
That flitted from tree to tree
With the talisman’s glittering glory
Has hope been that bird to thee ?
On branch after branch alighting
The gem did she still display
And when nearest and most inviting
Then waft the fair gem away ?

Wicklow 1

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Thomas Moore