Hill of Slane


There is silence in my little sleepy town
The winds are softly sighing through the trees
The pall from o’er the blue bespeckled seas
Hastens the dreary night that’s falling down

The birds have ceased their singing for a while
The cooing of the pigeon seems nigh
I scan the distant days when you and I
My sweetheart, both bore our youthful smile

The gold-tinged sun is long, long laid to rest
I hear the singing river far away
It seems to me just only yesterday
Since you joined the mighty army of the blessed

The kine are lowing in the grassy plain
As I kneel upon thy grave this glorious e’en
I pray and feel thy gentle hand unseen
Will touch this heart of mine and call again

Yes, touch this heart of mine and call again
As in bygone days when you and I
Roamed green woods before you said goodbye
And joined the sacred dead on the Hill of Slane


Written by John Gallagher of Slane, County Meath

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