Hills around Bellair


Ye gallant sons of Offaly, I hope you will draw near
Till I sing for you a verse or two I know you’d like to hear
I’ll sing in praise of one dear spot, none other can compare
For its many the pleasant day I spent on the hills around Bellair

In the evil days of Black n’ Tans, those hills, I oft times roamed
Among the kind old neighbours there, I always had a home
But as night did fall and bugle call, our lads, they did prepare
The green and gold for to unfold on the hills around Bellair

To stand upon those lovely hills and take a look around
Right o’er the bogs of Deravan, from that to Ballinahowen
From Boher school right into Coole, no scenery was so fair
You can view them all, both great and small from the hills around Bellair

You may talk about Killarney’s Lakes and places of renown
And the men that fought in ‘98, in history went down
But the men that licked the Black n’ Tans, to them I think it fair
My voice in praise, I now must raise for the lads around Bellair

When Johnny Bull’s two hands were full, not knowing what to do
Those Black n’ Tans tried every plan, our boys for to subdue
But they held the hill with right good will, surrounded front and rear
But their cars and tanks, our boys outflanked on the hills around Bellair

Now the Tans are gone but still lives on the name of the IRA
And the men that died on Vinegar Hill, we have just as good today
Though some did roam far o’er the foam, their hearts do not despair
They are willing still the ranks to fill on the hills around Bellair


Collected by Tony Monaghan of the Midland Singers group

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