Hills of Donegal


Oh, night and day I’m dreaming
Of the hills of Donegal
The heather on the hillside
And the sunshine over all
And tis westward I’d be going
Across the ocean blue
To wake again, the happy hours
That long ago I knew

To me you ever call
In every wind that wanders
O’er the wide and lonely sea
And, please god, if he so wills
Soon I’ll see my Irish hills
The Hills of Donegal,
So dear to me

I mind the laughing valleys
That look up at dawn of day
To watching the dawnlight creeping
O’er the rugged crests of grey
And I mind the linnets trilling
When the dark clouds lift and go
And the grey hills send the sunshine
To the waiting hearts below


This is the classic version of ‘The Hills of Donegal’ I remember from my youth. 


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