Hills of Inishowen


My eyes grow dim, my hair turns grey
My back is bent with age
And on my face, the hand of time
Hath traced a well-filled page
The roving spirit of my youth
Is gone, I’m feeble grown
I’ll spend the remnant of my days
‘Mongst hills of Inishowen

In youthful days afar I’ve strayed
A-wooing fortune’s smile
That shy, eluding, fickle dame
Bid me from home begile
But ne’er her favours could I gain
To me her frowns were shown
Oh, would that I had never left
The hills of Inishowen

Oft have I seen far higher hills
By many a foreign strand
But none can bring such happy thrills
As our own native land
They speak to us in tender voice
With charm that’s all their own
Tho’ far away my thoughts would stray
Towards hills of Inishowen

And now in eventide of life
When toil-filled years have sped
I rest me where in childhood’s days
A carefree life I led
When after life’s long day shall close
My spirit shall have flown
O, lay this worn-out frame to rest
‘Neath hills of Inishowen


Written by¬†“The Bard of Inishowen”

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