Hosey's Song


Hosey went down to Old Leighlin
In the height of his grief and his woe
You’d think he was death upon wires
And he to his hips in the snow
When he arrived at the village
The signboard he chanced for to spy
He went over and met Johnny Doran
And poor Hosey he began for to cry

‘What is your trouble?’ says Doran
Come tell it to me now in haste
You look like a man that is dying
l’ll send Jimmy Walsh for the priest’
‘Oh, now then’ replied my brave Hosey
‘And as you’re a substantial man
I’ll ask you for once and for ever
To credit me one stone of bran’

‘When will you pay me?’ says Doran
Next week’ says poor Jim, ‘on my soul
If Thursday be anyway favourable
Peg will go down with the fowl
Hosey started off with his lumber
His parcel being small and genteel
But who did he meet coming running
The parcel he thought to conceal

‘Good morning, good Hosey’ says Scariff,
Your colour is somewhat decayed
Oh, shake hands, my dearly beloved
At last I have met a comrade’
Hosey was getting leg weary
The man he was so very small
‘Ah, when be the hokey’ says Hosey,
‘Will I ever reach the lane in Grouse Hall?’


Writen by William Bambrick of Bawnree. Apparently Grouse Hall was the office of an anti-poteen official, so one wonders what Hosey was concealing in his bag.

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