I’m a ranting roving blade


I’m a ranting roving blade
Of never a thing was I ever afraid
I’m a gentleman born and I scorn a trade
But I’d be a rich man if my debts were paid

But my debts are worth sornething, this truth they instil
That pride makes us fall all against our will
For was pride that broke me, I was happy until
I was ruined all out by my tailor’s bill

I’m the finest guide you ever did see
I know every place of curiosity
From Thig-ana Vauragh to Donaghadee
And if you’re for sport, come along with me

I’ll lead you sporting round about
We’ve wild ducks and widgeon, and snipe and trout
And I know where they are and what they’re about
And if they are not at home, then I’m sure they’re out.

The miles in this country much longer be
But that is a saving of time, d’you see
For two of our miles is equal to three
Which shortens the road in a great degree

And the roads in this :place is so plenty, we say
That you’ve nothing to do but to find your way
If your hurry’s not great and you’ve time to delay
You can go the short cut t:hat’s the longest way

And I’ll show you heaps of good drinking too
For I know the place where the whiskey grew
A bottle is good when it’s not too new
And I’m fond of one but I’d die for two

Truth is scarce when liars are near
But squealin’ is plenty when pigs you shear
And mutton is high when cows is dear
And rent, it is scarce four times a year

Such a country for growing you ne’er did behold
We grow rich when we’re poor, we grow hot when we’re cold
And the girls they know bashfulness makes us grow bold
We grow young when we like but never grow old

And the seven small senses grow natural there
For praties have eyes and can see quite clear
And the kettles are singing with scalding tears
And the cornfields are listening with all their ears

But along with seven senses we have one more
Of which I forgot to tell you before
‘Tis nonsense spontaneously gracing our shore
And I’ll tell you the rest when I think of more


Song Clip




Samuel Lover