Jenny of the Moor


One morn for recreation I stolled by the sea-side
The sun was gently rising bedecked in all its pride
I spied a pretty maiden walking by the shore
With roses blooming on her cheeks, sweet Jenny of the moor

I said: My pretty fair one, why so early rise ?
I love to breath the morning air when the lark is in the skies
This spot is sweet to wander though breakers often roar
To wake the bosom of the deep, said Jenny of the moor

We both sat down together by a plesant shady side
I said: My dear if you’ll consent, I’ll make of you my bride
I’ve plenty at my own command brought from a foreign shore
And proud’s the man that wins the hand of Jenny of the moor

I have a true love of my own, though long he’s been from me
And true to him I’ll be as long as he is on the sea
His name is Denis Ryan, from Newry Town he came
And whenever he’ll return again, from him I’ll take his name

Since you have proved so kind and true, look up my girl, I cried
Behold, it is your Denis now standing by your side
Now let us be united and live happy by this shore
The bells will ring out merrily, I’ll go to sea no more

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