John McGoldrick and the Quaker’s daughter


You muses nine with me combine, assist me with your aid
Whilst I am endeavouring to praise a lovely maid
Her heart and mine, were bound in love, as you may understand
It was our whole intention for to join in wedlock bands

I hope you’ll pay attention, and the truth to you I’ll tell
She was a Quaker’s daughter, a maid I loved right well
We being not of one persuasion, her father made a plan
He done his whole endeavour to hang me in the wrong

My name is ]ohn McGoldrick, the same I’ll ne’er deny
They swore I was a radical; condemned I was to die
As soon as my death letter came, my sorrows did renew
Saying “For to die I do deny, brave boys, what shall I do”

At length my dearest jewel became servant in the jail
She found her opportunity and did it not conceal
She says “Young John McGoldrick, I hope to be your wife
I will do my best endeavour to save your precious life”

That night the god of Bacchus to the jailer did appear
All with a club of gentlemen inviting him to beer
They had the strongest liquor and the very best of wine
The jailer and the turnkey, to sleep they did incline

She says “Young John McGoldrick, I hope you will agree.
And bind yourself upon your oath, and come along with me
For I have stole the jailer’s keys, and I could do no more”
That very night I took my flight out of the prison door

It was early the next morning, the hurry it begun
The 66th pursued us without either fife or drum
The jailer and the turnkey, they quickly ran us down
And brought us back as prisoners, once more to Cavan town

And there we lay bewailing, all in a prison bound
With heavy bolts of iron, secured unto the ground.
All for a second trial, they brought us to the jail
Their intention was to hang me, and send her to New South

But I may thank Lord Corry, and his father, Lord Belmore
Long may they live in splendour around Loch Erne shore
They sent me a grand character, as plainly you may see
Which caused the judge and jury, that day to set us free

You reader, now excuse me, I did refine my quill
The praises of a lovely maid, there papers for to fill
For I have become her husband, and she my loving wife
In spite of her old father, she saved my precious life




Song Themes

Love and romance