Kate from Ballinamore


When I was young and full of fun like all young dashing blades
‘twas my delight both day and night to court a handsome maid
With her I’d walk, with her I’d talk as thousands done before
‘twas little I knew she would prove untrue, young Kate from Ballinamore

Young Kate was tall and handsome and gentle as a dove
Ten times a day she used to say with me she was in love
When she’d say this, I’d have a kiss, I would love her more and more
For without a lie, I would then die for Kate from Ballinamore

It was her parents I must blame to leave me in such a state
Because I was poor, they couldn’t endure for to court their daughter, Kate
Although I loved her dearly and I told them o’er and o’er
For without a lie, I would then die for Kate from Ballinamore

She says my dear and dearest, I’d rather be a soldier’s wife
Like a true and faithful comrade fighting by your side
So the very next day I sailed away and joined the foreign force
So now today I’m miles away from Kate in Ballinamore

Well it being six months after, a letter I received
I thought it was for comfort and that I would get some ease
The first few lines of it I read, it grieved my heart full sore
She was going to get wed to a farmer’s son in the town of Ballinamore

So come all you fair and dashing men, a warning take from me
And don’t put too much confidence in any wee girl you see
They’ll tell you this and they’ll tell you that and they’ll do as they done before
They’ll curl their hair and they’ll leave you there like Kate from Ballinamore




Song Themes

Love spurned