A dream lives in the purple on thy hills
A spirit haunteth thee forevermore, Kilfenora
Out of that dream she cometh when she wills
That spirit, and walketh on thy wild seashore, Kilfenora

A small white sea-bird on thy wave below
Sits long and broods and rocks upon thy flood, Kilfenora
The storm within my heart how can she know
Yet she doth know and all hath understood, Kilfenora

The violet and the song-bird have their nests
In thy green lap, and they are sweet in thee, Kilfenora
But sweeter far the dream within my breast
Scenting my thoughts and singing piteously, Kilfenora

O sweeter far the dream that lived and died
A summer’s life and then a winter’s grave, Kilfenora
In thy fair valley and on thy strong tide
That gave and took, and taking all, yet gave, Kilfenora


Written by Rosa Mulholland (1841 – 1921), Belfast born novelist, poet and playwright. She was also known as Lady Gilbert

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