Knockcroghery 2


Driving down a road through Roscommon
On my westward way from Athlone
In a sleepy town, my car, it broke down
Asked myself was anybody home

Knockcroghery, some say you are a ghost town
Maybe a Rip van Winkle old town
Knockcroghery, if you are a ghost town
Just stay a lazy crazy old town

Met a pretty girl in Roscommon
Hypnotised my mind that sunny day
There she stole my heart, now we’ll never part
Her tender smile just blew my mind away

When the sun goes down on Roscommon
It shimmers on the waters of Lough Rea
By that tranquil shore, found love forevermore
Knockcroghery’s the only place for me


Unlike Peadar Kearney, who picked Knockcroghery from a map and wrote about it without even a visit, I spent half a day there while waiting for my car to be repaired. I didn’t meet and fall in love with a pretty girl from Roscommon, but I did get a chance to have a good look around. Putting aside my troubles with the car, I found Knockcroghery to be a most quiet, tidy and pleasant little place. A far cry from the time when the Black n’ Tans savaged it.



Song Themes

Love and romance


Reg Keating