The winter now is here
And the year steals so swift away
Just like a thief in the night
Who comes but to flee
The berries are full bright
And the small birds sing out to me
Oh but the cold wind blows hard
Over Knocknashee

By summer’s radiant star
And by love’s own sweetest decree
None but the harsh moon
Could steal your beauty from me
Came autumn’s falling leaves
And love’s wild uncertainty
When, like a vision, you flitted
From Knocknashee

I turned from God
I spurned all religion
And somehow you came
Between heaven and me
Oh how glad I would trade my very soul
My dear Saviour never to see
For to gain you I’d lose
All eternity

But once when passion’s worn
Never more will it return
Love loses fashion
Like some old tired melody
The heart that gives too free
Will sorely rejected be
Oh how I loved you and lost you
In Knocknashee

And I will go down
Go down to the dark wood
And find that sweet hollow
Where once you lay with me
And I will face that final place
Where the heart will not weary be
And I will sleep the long sleep now
In Knocknashee


Words by Brendan Graham and music by Neil Martin

Knocknashee (Hill of Fairies) in the Ox Mountains, County Sligo was identified as a hilltop fort in 1988. It is an enclosed hill fort with limestone ramparts containing cairns, burial chambers and hut-sites. The fort is 700 metres long and 320 metres wide and is enclosed by two earth and stone ramparts covering an area of 53 acres

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Love spurned