Land for the people


Come. let us sing the motto of our dear native land
Shouting the battle cry of freedom
Beneath the Land League banner again we’ll take our stand
Shouting the battle cry of freedom

The land for the people, hurrah boys. hurrah
Justice and Freedom and Erin-go-bragh
We’ll rally round our flag boys, we’ll rally once again
Shouting the battle cry of freedom

We are springing to the call of our stricken peoples cry
Calling for aid against the tyrants
We’ll crush the eleven-months man, the grabbers or we’ll die
Shouting the battle cry of freedom

We will step into the places of our brothers gone before
Who fought the same good fight we now are waging
The land-shark and the grabber shall curse the land no more.
To this good work our lives we are engaging

They may prosecute and jail us as they often did before
We are ready for the fight and vow to win it
The evicter and the grabber shall be driven from our shore
We must win the land, ’tis ours and we shall have it

Our fathers fought and conquered at Ross and Vinegar Hill
And died for the cause we are defending
By all our hopes and by our dead, we’ll fight the battle still
On God alone and on ourselves depending


Written by Patrick Joseph Meehan (28 March 1877 – 5 July 1929) who was an Irish solicitor, politician and Irish Parliamentary Party MP. He was an ardent supporter of Michael Davitt’s Land League. Following the death of his father Patrick Aloysius Meehan. he represented Queen’s County Leix in the House of Commons from 1913 to 1918. He died at his home at Annebrook, Portlaoise, on 5 July 1929.

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