Leitrim queen


When youth was mine in health and prime
I longed for wealth and fame
An adventurous one ne’er love controlled
Of Wicklow rebel strain
I wandered down to Edgeworthstown
Unknown, unloved. unseen
I met a girl, a matchless pearl
My County Leitrim queen

Her hair was like the sun-kissed gold
Her cheeks a lily hue
No prayer or chisel, brooch or pen
Could express my colleen dubh
The beauty she possessed was rare
Her affection ne’er I seen
In the love that mirrored from the eyes
Of my County Leitrim queen

Along the mainland primrose track
In life’s young dawn we strolled
The plans we made, the prayers she said
As my love to her I told
The gentle pressure of her hand
Oh it all seems like a dream
God’s will be done, she’s gone, she’s gone
My County Leitrim queen

For centuries on Leitrim’s soil
Her great ancestors dwelled
Till one who married into them
Usurped the land they held
I saw the rose take from her cheeks
Her birthright’s loss was keen
She pined, she died, my joy, my pride
God rest my Leitrim queen




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