Lovely Louth


I’ve travelled many counties in Ireland
But there’s only one that’s wee
It has been a part of my homeland
Brings back fond memories to me
Where I wandered alone in my childhood
Reviewing the sights that makes me proud
As I walked through the mountains and the marshes
’round the lovely County of Louth

Lovely Louth, you make me so proud
Your rivers, they flow with delight
Your fields are so green, there’s plains to be seen
And your towns are so gay and so bright
Fishing down on the Dee, there is only one wee
You would think it was all just a dream
And wherever you roam, there’s no place like home
And the lovely County of Louth

I’ve seen Eire’s beautiful castles
And it’s history I’ve learned so well
I’ve read of Cuchulainn and St Brigid
It’s the land of the legends, I can tell
From the Boyne in the south
The Cooley mountains in the north,
We are all so proud.
And the lovely County of Louth


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