Maid from Ballygow


Three cheers me boys for Bannow’s banks, ‘tis the place that I love best
And likewise you fair Ballygow, I’m now bound for the West
As I went down to Cullenstown to bid my friends farewell
‘twas there I spied the prettiest girl that e’er your eyes beheld

As I went down to Cullenstown, it was in the month of May
I roamed for recreation and to watch the ladies gay
‘twas there I spied a pretty maid and she standing on a brow
Her beauty bright did me delight that day in Ballygow

I said my fair young girl, I pray you to me tell
Is it on Bannow’s lonely banks, your parents they do dwell
Or if you are a stranger here today, I wish to know
For the killing glances of your eyes have proved my overthrow

Oh no, it’s not on Bannow’s banks, my parents they do dwell
Nor either in Duncormick or yet in Gibberwell
For I came here from sweet Kilmore, kind sir you know it now
I’m here today a servant, said the maid from Ballygow

Well since you are a servant here, you must come along with me
For I do wish with all my heart that you will marry me
No more I’ll roam from Bannow’s banks where the tides do ebb and flow
Or cross the stormy ocean where the wintery winds do blow

Although I am a servant here, your offer I decline
For you’ll sail the stormy ocean and you’ll waver with the wind
And when you meet with pretty maids, to them you’ll swear and vow
And then you’ll leave them there to mourn, said the maid from Ballygow

So fare thee well sweet Bannow’s banks where dwells that comely maid
Where often I had courted her down in yon fragrant shade
I pressed her to my bosom and I kissed her burning brow
But now I’m on the ocean wild and she’s in Ballygow


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Love spurned