Maid of Ballymore


Oh, you lads and lassies all round, give ear unto my song
And if you pay attention, I won’t delay you long
It’s of a pretty fair maiden I do adore
And I styled her the phoenix of the maid of Ballymore

It was early one morning just at the break of day
It being for recreation, I happened to stray
And as I was passing a boreen stream
I was suddenly oppressed by the same sweet erris dame

Good morning, good morning, you are my hearts delight
And since you have enticed me by your beauty bright
And if you won’t release me and that speedily
Well, I’m sure a sudden death love will be made a chroí

Machí Bán do not say so, I pray you won’t say so
And as for an answer, to my parents you must go
And if they will consent love, that I’m to be your bride
Well I’ll marry you tomorrow love, whatever will betide

Machí Bán was over-joyed at hearing the good news
And to make him go the quicker, he tied all his shoes
And straight to her mother and the deal, it was soon done
Machí Bán, you are welcome this day to be my son

Machí Bán, he is married now and lives at his ease
He comes as he wishes and goes as he please
And a happier young couple was never saw before
Than young Machí Bán and the maid of Ballymore


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Song Themes

Love and romance