Maid of Castle Craig


Three times the flowers have faded since I left my native home
Through hopeless love enlisting, in foreign lands to roam
But where-so-ever I wandered, so near or far away
No maiden fair could e’er compare with the Maid of Castle Craig

Her blooming cheek was like the rose, all blushing, and her eye
Like yonder star that shines afar so bright and tenderly
Her bosom shining like the snow in evening’s rosy ray
But oh, it seemed as cold to me, sweet Maid of Castle Craig

I courted her a year and more and sought to gain her love
And sure her heart was fond and warm, though timid as the dove
For oh, I never rightly knew till I was far away
That I had won thy gentle heart, dear Maid of Castle Craig

But now my grief is all at rest, the wars at length are o’er
And landed safe on Erin’s soil, I’ll never leave it more
But live in peace and happiness. to bless each happy day
With thee, my own, my only love, dear Maid of Castle Craig

Tyrone 1

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Love and romance