Mary from Murroe


If I was at home in Lackamore, my pen I’d take and write
The thought lies in my bosom, in Mary I take delight
It was in her father’s garden, to manhood’s power I grew,
When first I came to court that dame called Mary from Murroe

The evening of a funeral at the cross below the forge
It was there I met my Mary and she coming down the road
Alas, alas, our time grew short, her mother came in view,
And I had to quit down by the smith’s with my Mary from Murroe.

We came along together until we came to the boiling well
We both sat down together until the dark night on us fell
Oh, dark and dreary was the night that fell around us two
May the daylight shine forever on my Mary from Murroe

We moved along together ‘till we came to the shady grove
Where the woodcock and the pheasant came roving down the brook
Our enemies were on the road, but us they could not view
Three times I kissed the ruby lips of my Mary from Murroe

We strolled along together, ‘till we came to the painted gate
Go home, go home, dear Mary, I fear it’s getting late
Go home, go home, my Mary, your footsteps I’ll pursue
And in spite of fate I’ll come again to court you near Murroe

If I had all the riches that Lord Damer had in store
Or half those earthly treasures that lie around Lackamore
It’s feely I’d bestow them all, to them I’d bid adieu
To spend one night by Mary’s side in that thatched house near Murroe


Written by William Boney

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Song Themes

Love and romance