Mary of Lough Erne's shore


The sun was setting behind the mountain
The dew was falling upon the leaves
And I was seated beside a fountain
And a feathered songster sang on a tree
With love and blessings, his notes were sounding
Made me reminded of days of o’er
Where in a bower, I plucked a flower
And dreamt of Edward on Lough Erne’s Shore

The cuckoo’s notes in the air resounding
Appeal to feeling and pleases the ear
And every note is a bliss abounding
Here in the valley if he were here
Each step I take by the winding river
Where we once rambled in days of o’er
Reminds me of my banished Edward
And makes me lonely on Lough Erne’s Shore

A crop of sorrow, my heart is reaping
My rose has faded and my hope decayed
And in the night time when all are sleeping
Awake I lie weeping till the break of day
For woe has wed me, delight has fled me
Why did you leave me, my love a stór
But luck compelled it and banished Edward
And now I am lonely on Lough Erne’s Shore

Oh could I move like the moon o’er the ocean
I would send a sigh o’er the distant deep
Or could I move like a bird in motion
By Edward’s side, I would ever keep
I would gently sooth him, with songs amuse him
I would gently sooth him and he would sigh no more
And seven years would soon pass over
And we’d both live happy on Lough Erne’s Shore


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Love and romance