I took the train to Belfast, first time for fifteen years
To see my friend McClory and enjoy the crack and beers
Nostalgia made me mellow, and the whiskey brought the tears
When the barman said ‘McClory, haven’t seen him round in years’

Where is he then said I to him, where is that friend of mine ?
That hard man who once sang the sash in Saskatchewan’s foul clime
That Lagan loving shipyard son who took the plane with me
Away from Belfast day-dreams in the days of sixty-three

There were times with that McClory, we could not see eye to eye
So we traded friendly insults, and we were not afraid to cry
A papist and a prody, and all we had was snow
Two Irishmen so different in a land we didn’t know

Sure he’s been gone since eighty, said a docker drinking brew
On a promise to Australia, there was no one left he knew
The guns and bombs near broke his heart, not knowing right from wrong
I went silent to the station, there was more than McClory gone

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Pete St John