Merchant's Daughter


In Derry lived a merchant, he had an only daughter
And she had sweethearts plenty to court her nigh and day
But when she had them gained, their company disdained
And many’s the clever young man, heart wounded went away

At length there came a suitor from Clady for to court her
With scorching burning flames for to thaw her frozen heart
Says she, ‘young man, retire, your suit I don’t admire
Nor is it my desire the single life to part

‘Your passion for me smother, so go and court some other’
So he went Wednesday evening to one he had in view
He went and courted Sally, and left disdainful Molly
With tears of melancholy, he gave her time to rue

About six weeks or better, she wrote to him a letter
And he wrote back in answer and sealed it with disdain
Saying ‘when you could you would not, and when you would you need not
So read these lines and grieve not, my answer is quite plain

Now all ye maids take warning by me and my misfortune
And never slight the young man that’s master of your heart
For if you lightly spurn him, you’ll find him not returning
Your days you’ll spend in mourning, ’tis I that feels the smart

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