Michael Davitt a stór


One eve as I strolled through the green leafy mountains
I sat down by a sweet running stream
Enraptured by nature and her sweet crystal fountains
I fell asleep and began for to dream
I dreamt Richmond prison’s dark dreary walls
Surrounded the chieftain of Erin’s green shore
And that Erin, loved Erin was weeping and wailing
For her Green Linnet, Michael Davitt a stór

They have taken my Linnet, the pride of the nation
And ensnared him in a cold dreary jail
That caused me to weep in sad lamentation
But I’m glad for he would not give bail
For being true to his poor oppressed country
They ensnared my Green Linnet, which makes my heart sore
Entrapped and deprived of the rights of his freedom
Was my darling Michael Davitt a stór

When my Green Linnet sang in Navan so sweetly
They waylaid him to steal his sweet strain
But he would not give bail and his great wings were broken
To keep him from soaring again
But the nine years the fowler engaged my stór
Had taught him to love dear old Ireland the more
And again through the smoke, my darling will soar
My Green Linnet, Michael Davitt a stór

Oh where is my Linnet that true son of Erin
Where’s my sweet bird that loved me so well ?
Alas the bleak walls of a prison surround him
Uncheered, in a cold dreary cell
In splendour my Linnet will return from that jail
And Erin his country once more will him hail
From my dream I awoke to find Erin weeping
For her Green Linnet, Michael Davitt a stór


michael davittMichael Davitt (25 March 1846 – 30 May 1906), republican, social campaigner, labour leader, journalist, Home Rule agitator and Member of Parliament was founder of the National Land League. Born in Straide, County Mayo at the height of the Great Famine, he was four years old when his family was evicted for rent arrears. They travelled to England and settled in Haslingden, East Lancashire. He was eleven years old when, working at a cotton mill factory, his right arm was amputated in a spinning machine accident.

He joined the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) and devoted himself to smuggling arms into Ireland. He was arrested at Paddington Station, London on 14 May 1870 and sentenced to 15 years in Dartmoor Prison. While in jail, he changed his perspective to non-violent land agitation, He founded the Land League of Mayo on his release from prison, and later joined with Parnell in founding the National Land League. His interest in unified socialism of British and Irish working classes led to a split with Parnell. First elected to Parliament in 1992, he resigned in 1999 in protest against the Boer War.


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