Well if you got a wing-o, take her up to ring-o
Where the waxies sing o all the day
If you’ve had your fill of porter, and you can’t go any further
Give yer man the order, “Back to the Quay”
And take her up to Monto, Monto, Monto
Take her up to Monto, langeroo, to you

Then the Duke of Gloucester, the dirty old imposter
Took his moth and lost her up in the Furry Glen
He first put on his bowler, then he buttoned up his trousers
And he whistled for a growler and he said “My man”
Take me up to Monto, Monto, Monto
Take me up to Monto, langeroo, to you

You see the Dublin Fusiliers, the dirty old bamboozileers
They went to get the childer one, two, three
Marchin’ from the Linenhall, there’s one for every canonball
And Vicki’s going to send yis all o’er the sea
But first go up to Monto, Monto, Monto
First go up to Monto, langeroo, to you

When the Tzar of Russia and the King of Prussia
Landed in the Phoenix Park in a big balloon
They asked the Police band to play the Wearing of the Green
But the buggers in the Depot didn’t know that tune
So they both went up to Monto, Monto, Monto
They both went up to Monto, langeroo, to you

The Queen she came to call on us, she wanted to see all of us
I’m glad she didn’t fall on us, she’s eighteen stone
Mr. me Lord Mayor, sez she, is this all you’ve got to show to me?
Why no, ma’am, there is more to see, Póg mo thóin
And he took her up to Monto, Monto, Monto
He took her up to Monto, langeroo, to you

Dublin 1

Songs of Dublin


Written by George Desmond Hodnett

Monto was at one-time, the red light district in Dublin. It is the area bounded by Talbot Street, Amiens Street, Gardiner Street and Seán McDermott Street (formerly Gloucester Street). The name derives from Montgomery Street (now Foley Street), which runs parallel to the lower end of Talbot Street. It was immortalized as ‘Nighttown’ in James Joyce’s Ulysses, where Leopold Bloom and Stephen Dedalus visit a brothel.

From the 1860s – 1920s, anything up to 1,600 prostitutes were working there. Reputed to be the biggest red light district in Europe, prostitutes serviced soldiers from a number of British Army barracks in the city. According to legend, Prince Albert Edward (later King Edward VII), lost his virginity there. Between 1923 and 1925, religious missions led by Frank Duff of the Legion of Mary worked to close down the brothels.

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