November Keady Fair


Come all good people attention pay to these few lines I pen
And before I stop concluding, sure I hope I won’t offend
It was on the thirteenth of the month, a beefer I had to spare
And I drove her up in the morning to a November Keady Fair

Me and my goat along the road, so joyfully did steer
That the ladies had to take one side, believe me boys for fear
Her horns were long and very sharp, for battle she did prepare
And we drove at the rate of a wedding to a November Keady Fair

Well I came up to the market house, I mean the old Church Hill
There were lots of horny cattle there, that seemed to all stand still
I met a decent gentleman and I offered up a prayer
And I sold my goat for half a crown in November Keady Fair

She would give a pint and a half of milk all on a summer’s day
But believe me boys at present, sure she wouldn’t cream your tay
They say she missed the bachelor, but the truth to you I’ll swear
She was ninteen times at Maguire’s buck as sure as I’m in the fair

Well I miss her ’round the garden, where she used to eat the kale
And I miss her ’round the fireside, where she used to wag her tail
And I miss her ’round the old turf stack, for many’s a row was there
Since I parted with my nanny at a November Keady Fair


Keady market

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