Old Dungarvan Oak


As I roved out one morning
Going to Dungarvan Fair
I spied a pretty maiden
With the sunlight in her hair
Her way was so delightful
Her voice rang like a bell
And as I overtook her
I asked if she was well

Lay down your woollen shawl me love
I swear it is no joke
And I’ll tell to you the story of
The Old Dungarvan Oak

As we approached Dungarvan
The girl at me did stare
And she asked me why I raised my hat
To a tree so old and bare
I told her of the legend
If the tree should e’er come down
There’d be a great disaster
And Dungarvan would be drowned

Then she started laughing
My face grew very red
And she said that only fools believed
What those old legends said
Her laughter was contagious
For the truth to you I’ll tell
By the time I reached the market place
I began to laugh as well

As I sit here by my fireside
It’s the autumn of my life
And the darling girl I met that day
Is now my darling wife
I have a lovely daughter
And a son to push my yoke
And all because I raised my hat
To the Old Dungarvan Oak