Outlaw of Loch Lene


Oh many a day have I made good ale in the glen
That came, not of stream or malt, like the brewing of men
My bed was the ground; my roof, the greenwood above
And the wealth that I sought, one far kind glance from my Love

Alas, on that night when the horses, I drove from the field
That I was not near from terror, my angel to shield
She stretched forth her arms, her mantle she flung to the wind
And swam o’er Loch Lene, her outlawed lover to find

O would that a freezing sleet-winged tempest did sweep
And I and my love were alone, far off on the deep
I’d ask not a ship, nor a bark, nor a branch for to save
With her hand round my waist, I’d fear not the wind nor the wave

’tis down by the lake where the wild tree fringes its sides
The maid of my heart, my fair one of Heaven resides
I think as at eve, she wanders its mazes among
The birds go to sleep by the sweet wild twist of her song


Song Clip