Peace grows


Where else to start but in the hearts of men
Therein must peace begin
For deep inside, must hate and pride
Be conquered from within
A wooden cross, a dove all signs of love
And hope should never cease
I have seen God’s pastures green
All still, a sign of peace

From the Shannon to the Suir; up to the hills of Galtymore
Across the vale of Tipperary, peace grows, and grows
From the Lee up to the Bann, from Tralee right up to Larne
Across this whole green land of Ireland, peace grows

Now Flanders’ fields are still, the grass is green
White crosses stand in rows
And ‘neath the clay of life’s decay
Lie men God only knows
For dust is all we are, from dust we came
The earth reclaims each piece
And God will reap what man will sow
Green grass, a sign of peace

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Reg Keating