Peatlands around Lyre


As I look out from my homestead on this little mountain farm
The turf fire in my cosy cot spreads a glow so soft and warm
The sunbeams shimmer in the mist to melt the morning dew
And gives the heather on the hill its lovely golden hue

The children on their way to school run down the Carrig road
And smoke arising to the sky marks every Lyre abode
Beyond the meadows by the stream my strong sons never tire
As they work to make a living in the peatlands around Lyre

The carts from the old creamery are headed out for home
A friendly chat down at the gate before they onward roam
Above the woodlands on the moor I hear my barking dog
As he plays around the fire that boils the tea made in the bog

And soon the children out of school will make the byways ring
And then the rooks will black the sky as homewards they will wing
The songbirds chirp a lullaby among the furze and briers
As daytime turns to twlight in the peatlands around Lyre

The evening sends long shadows down the face of Been na Gaoihe
The cloak of darkness gently flows o’er valley, hill and lee
I sit here in my kitchen neat as time goes ticking on
I think about the rambling nights all filled with talk and song

But do I hear some distant talk along the Smearla shore?
Yes, there’s some friends from Maugha and wild Drommada More
I hear below the haggard the glasha singing sweet
Don’t mind the wind and rain outside come in and take a seat

You’re welcome friends and neighbours, draw in and sit you there
The tilly lamp is lighting and your company we’ll share
Pull up the sugán chairs around the blazing open fire
It’s burning well that turf we sleaned last summer up in Lyre

And by its side we’ll sit and let the conversation flow
About the happenings of the day and the time of long ago
Then touch the strings and let it rise, the music we admire
And take us back to how it was in the peatlands around Lyre


I came across this and other Lyre songs on a web site which is hosted by Joe Harrington and Kay O’Leary.

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