Petticoat Lane


When to Dublin I came from the sweet County Down
I called on a friend for to show me the town
He brought me thro’ streets, lanes and alleys so grand
Till my brogues were almost wore and I scarcely could stand
He showed me fine houses, were built up so high
And a man made of stone almost up to the sky
But the names of them places went out of my brain
Show him up to the college in Petticoat lane

Ri tu ral, ru ral, ri tu ral, ru ral le

Convenient to Petticoat Lane there is a place
And as we walked through it we couldn’t get peace
The shops were all full of fine clothes, black and blue
But the fellows outside nearly tore me in two
One dragged me this way to get a good freize
Another had corduroy breeches my size
But one chap bawls out, when I wouldn’t remain
Show him up to the College in Petticoat Lane

We got loose from this spot, myself and my friend
I couldn’t do less than a teaster to spend
But we spied boys and girls in a laughable group
Sitting cross-legged and they licking up soup
Says I, ‘Are these what you call your poor house recruits?’
Ax the divil, says one and his bowl at me shoots
They roared with pleasure, while I roared with pain
Arrah, Paddy, you’re welcome to Petticoat Lane

My friend thought to drag me away by the sleeve
When a tartar dropped over my head an old sieve
I turned for to strike her, but got in the eye
A plaster of what they call mutton pie
I kept groping about, like a man that was blind
‘Till I caught hould of somebody coming behind
I prayed that I might get the strength of a Cain
To be able to whale him in Petticoat Lane

I walloped away, and I got walloped too
While all sorts of ructions were raised by the crew
You could swear it was raining brick-bats and stones
‘Till I heard my antagonist giving some groans
Run and be damned to you, some one did cry
Sure I can’t for the mutton that’s stuck in my eye
I was led through the crowd, and heard somebody saying
There’s a Peeler most killed in Petticoat Lane

These words like a thunderbold fell on my ear
So I scooped all the fat from my eye pretty clear
My friends told the crowd that was ’round to be mute
While we slipped to a house called ‘The Sign of the Boot’
There I called for a sup and we both took a seat
Two or three that had backed us came in for a treat
When reckoning was called for, my pocket’s were clean
For pounds, shillings and pence were in Petticoat Lane

The reckoning, it came to a hog and a groat
For which the landlord took a lend of my coat
I started without, still cursing the town
Says he ‘You have killed C.106 -
Arrah, be aisy sir, I want none of your tricks’
But the sergeant and twenty more swore it was plain
That I was the bully of Petticoat Lane

They all swarmed about me like flies on a cask
But to prison to take me was no easy task
When I got there, I was charged with the crime
‘Twas my own brother Darby I bate all the time
When he seen me, he let out a thundering curse
On the day that he first went to join in the force
He released my ould coat and he got me off clean
To go home and say prayers for sweet Petticoat Lane


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