Piper of Crossbarry


The Piper of Crossbarry, boys, he rose ere morning tide
He walked up to his captain bold, his warpipes laid aside
Says he, I’m through with piping, I’ll fight for liberty
Today, please God, we’ll hold the sod and set old Ireland free

Now, Piper boy, the Captain said upon that fateful day
Today you’ll stride between our lines and martial music play
For when we hear our Irish pipes we’ll strive for victory
And maybe at Crossbarry, we shall set old Ireland free

From Cork, Kinsale and Bandon town, from Ballincollig too
The British poured two thousand men upon Tom Barry’s few
But when the sun was setting on that day of victory
The Piper of Crossbarry boys had piped old Ireland free

From break of dawn as day wore on, Crossbarry battle rolled
For Irish guns and Irish sons had challenged England’s hold
And when the blazing lorries flamed to signal victory
The men of old Crossbarry had set old Ireland free

A health to brave Flor Begley boys who raised the chant of war
He strode among the fighting men while his warpipes droned afar
For the music of his warlike tunes it cowed the enemy
’Twas the Piper of Crossbarry, boys, who piped old Ireland free

Forget not those brave volunteers who fell on that bloody plain
For them the piper raised a dirge to caoin above the slain
And the banshee’s sad lament was heard in the time of victory
But the Piper of Crossbarry, boys, had piped old Ireland free


Written by Kerry poet Bryan Mac Mahon

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