Pride of Eslin River


A lady dwelt by the Eslin side where gently glides the waters
She was fit to be an Earl’s bride, this one of Erin’s daughters
Her cheeks were like the rubies red, her eyes were bright as silver
And virtue of this fair one maid, the pride of Eslin River

So I sat musing one winter’s night beside a cosy fire
A swain was there with talents bright that well would wake the lyre
He told me of this maiden fair, of her talents rare and clever
Of ladies bright, none could compare with the pride of Eslin River

When summer winds were sighing low, this maiden young lay dying
In the churchyard now where the willows grow, this guileless lass is lying
‘Through foreign lands I’ll rove’ he said, ‘now she is gone forever
My Mary dear lies cold and dead, the pride of Eslin River’

‘Oh wander not, dear friend’ said I ‘For that is a foolish notion
Nor should you weep, nor should you sigh, and do not cross the ocean
Your Mary dear to Heaven was called, she was too good to leave here
In the Heavenly book she is enrolled, the pride of Eslin River’

‘Now I’ll forsake the Eslin banks’ he said in tones quite doleful
‘And I’ll forsake the old school house where I went when I was youthful
No more I’ll stray by the Eslin side when the waters shine like silver
I’m lonely now since this fair one died, the pride of Eslin River’

‘Do not forsake the Eslin Banks or the school where Flynn is teaching
For you must go to the house of God to hear the good priest preaching
And breathe a prayer for your Mary Anne, as she is gone forever
In this earthly vale her course is ran, the pride of Eslin River’

At length to him I bade goodbye, on his cheeks the tears were rolling
And slowly, slowly he did reply, for he was still condoling
Condoling for this friend so dear, on earth he’ll see her never
He hopes to meet when he’s called from here, the pride of Eslin River




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