Pride of Inchicore


Well, here I am in Dublin town as happy as can be
The angels up above the clouds are watching over me
I know they are for now I feel more happy than before
Since I met with lovely Martha, the pride of Inchicore

Her cheeks, they are a rosy red; her eyes a lovely brown
And upon her lily-white shoulders, her jet-black hair flows down
And every day I meet her, I love her more and more
For me heart is captivated by the pride of Inchicore

Clondalkin boasts of beauty and I’d say it’s well it can
For there are lovely ladies from Ballyfermot to Oldbawn
Oh, that may be, but I do swear there’s none I fancy more
Than me own sweet lovely Martha, the pride of Inchicore

And ’tis fare thee well, sweet Martha; my ship is bound to leave
But until I’m in your arms again, my heart would surely grieve
And when this war is over, ’tis then I’ll return once more
For to share me joys and me sorrows with the pride of Inchicore


Written by Mick Fitzgerald and recorded by The Bacha Trio on “Streetwise”

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Song Themes

Love and romance