Pride of Pimlico


Come all ye broken hearted ones and listen to my lay
About a lovely damsel, as fair as this blest May
Who’s caused much tears and sorrow and grief and heartfelt woe
It’s Kitty Quinn I’m speaking of; the Pride of Pimlico

It’s just about a month ago unto this place she came
And set our hearts all blazing up in love’s undying flame
And made of every other lass about the place a foe
Because she took their sweethearts, did the Pride of Pimlico

Poor Paddy Burke, the tailor, now can’t do a stroke of work
Nor Billy Shee, the handyman, nor steady jack McGurk
And if` you ax the reason, all they’ll answer you is ‘O !
’tis all because of Kitty Quinn, the Pride of Pimlico’

There’s Murphy, the teetotaler, he’s gone upon the spree
And Keogh, the whiskey drinker, now is taking milk and tea
He’s given up John Jameson and likewise Power and Roe
Because his heart’s distracted by the Pride of Pimlico

Old Jimmy Kane, the miser, that no one could get around
And young Tom Ray who owns a forge and near a hundred pound
And Matt McCann whose father keeps the Irish Waxwork show
Are raving night and day about the Pride of Pimlico

It’s time the polis saw to it, it soon will be too late
And devil a man in all the Coombe will have a solid pate
Or soon beyond in Ridley’s, a sight of awful woe
You’ll see ten thousand victims of the Pride of Pimlico


Written by Arthur Griffith

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