Queen of Ireland


When we go to old Ireland and are looking for peace
The best thing to do, take the high road to Laois
lt’s there you will find that old county so grand
She’s the Marian County, the Queen of Ireland
Its fields are bedecked in the springtime with dew
With shamrock, primroses, and violets so blue
Where the oak and the ash, their branches expand
O’er the Marian County, the Queen of Ireland

Oh, its set like a gem in a bright golden crown
To bring blessings with peace when the sun’s going down
Where the angels look down with their harps in their hand
On the Marian County, the Queen of Ireland
So here’s to its people wherever they be
At home with their loved ones or far o’er the sea
Let’s drink to the colleens so regal and grand
From this Fair county, the Queen of Ireland

So when autumn tints linger and the wind is blowing cold
Then the County of Laois turns to green, white and gold
Then this old Irish queen sends a warning out clear
Keep away from all danger, drink less of the beer
So live out the good life in plenty and peace
And good hearth and good luck from the County of Laois


Song Clip