Races of Killadoon


If you ever visit Louisburgh in the summer time of year
There isn’t a finer place to go for contentment and good cheer
I was there a couple of years ago and I’m going back there soon
’cause I cannot forget all the thrills I got at the Races of Killadoon

There were tired ould nags and sleepy hags, there were fillies fine and stout
The three o’clock race did not take place as the tide had not gone out
The next event was a novelty, twas the ladies egg and spoon
I bet on a grey but she lost her way at the Races of Killadoon

There were Connamara ponies there, the finest ever seen,
There were jockeys there from everywhere with their colours red and green
The pride of Kinnadoohey and the best of Cregganbawn
The roar of the crowd was extremely loud as they cheered their hero’s on

I took a fancy to a nag that came from Letterfrack
She was fine and trim and strong of limb and she looked the thing to back
She was galloping grand across the strand when misfortune came too soon
What a terrible farce, she fell on her arse at the Races of Killadoon

So it’s back I’ll go when the summer comes, to view the scene once more
For the ponies and the donkeys races along the sandy shore
I’ll bring me ould accordion and I’ll play a merry tune
I’ll join in the fun and then I’ll be one of the crowd at the Races of Killadoon


This song is based on John Duggan’s recollections of summer holidays with his family in Louisburgh when they witnessed summer time races on the local beach in Killadoon. The festival included horse racing, donkey racing and egg and spoon racing. Today, the Louisburgh Festival is an annual celebration of traditional Irish music and song.

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