Rafferty's racing mare


You’ve not seen Rafferty round this way ?
He’s a man with a broken hat
His tie and his collar are all gone astray
And his coat for the matter o’ that
We’re racing Rafferty round the place
Since Rafferty raced his mare
He’s a man with an anxious look on his face
And a partially murdered air

Oh, Rafferty’s racing mare
We met him at the fair
Says he: ‘She’ll win, so keep your tin
For backing the racing mare’
We did then I declare
We thanked him then and there
And every lad in Ballinafad
Went backing the racing mare

I was the jockey they chose to ride
And often the owner, he’d sware
That there wasn’t a leap in the world too wide
To baffle the racing mare
Over hurdle and ditch, she went like a witch
Till she came where the water shone
I gave her her head but she stopped right dead
She stopped, and I went on

Oh, Rafferty’s racing mare
I hurdled through the air
Like a beautiful bird, but never a word
From Rafferty’s racing mare
Oh, Rafferty’s racing mare
The boys cried out ‘take care’
I took all I could, but it wasn’t much good
To me or the racing mare

‘Get up, you lad’ says Ballinafad
‘You’ll win the race for us yet’
But I didn’t care for the look of the mare
Nor the way that her legs were set
Says they, ‘the horse, she’ll stay the course
She’ll stay it, every foot’
‘You’re right,’ says I, ‘I don’t deny
She’ll stay just where she’s put’

Oh, Rafferty’s racing mare
We danced around her there
With stones and sticks, and bits o’ bricks
We hit her fare and square
Oh, Rafferty’s racing mare
The field, they leapt it there
But on the brink, she’d stand and drink
Would Rafferty’s racing mare

But where was Rafferty all the time ?
Oh, Rafferty, he’s the lad
There in the ring, he stood like a king
Cheering the mare like mad
His brother was there, disguised, of course,
As a Russian millionaire
Giving the odds against every horse
And the longest against the mare

Oh, Rafferty’s racing mare
’twas more than we could bear
When a bookie revealed
He was backing the field
Instead of the racing mare
We’ve got the day to spare
We’ve got the millionaire
And we’re having a race around the place
And Rafferty, he’s the hare


Song Clip




Percy French