Rescue of the Vivandier


Come all ye gallant sea-men bold of high and low degree
And likewise pay attention, and listen unto me
’tis of the sea that you will hear; you’ll give a ringing cheer
All for the noble rescue of the gallant Vivandiere

This was a new built vessel, material good and sound
A circumnavigator, to sail the ocean round
She was manned by noble seamen, as I do now suspect
But they left her on Blackwater Bank, a dire and total wreck

The tide going round the Raven Point, the owners they may thank
For ’twas as on the flood of water, she wafted from the Bank
Forlorn and abandoned, the truth I now will say
She drifted north before the wind all out from Wexford quay

The men from Tinnaberna bold, to danger could not yield
For fearless were their forbearers on either flood or field
They launched their boats without delay, no danger did they fear
And one of these bold seamen stepped aboard the Vivandiere

Myles Brien, he mounted on a horse, to Wexford he did steer
Saying: ‘Eleven men and my brother Jem, are aboard the Vivandiere’
Tom King, he took the helm just at the gloom of night
Saying ‘Cheet up, my boys for Wexford’, and they raised the Tuskar Light

When the news of this disaster had reached old Wexford town
The tug-boat and her gallant crew, with courage hastened down
To help those worthy fishermen, she came without delay
And brought the gallant Vivandiere safe into Wexford Quay


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