Revelry of the O'Rourkes


O’Rourke’s noble fare will ne’er be forgot
By those who were there or those who were not
His revels to keep, we sup and we dine
On seven score sheep, fat bullocks and swine
Uiscebaugh to our feast, in pails were brought up
A hundred at least, and a madder our cup
Oh there is the sport, we rise with the light
In disorderly sort from snoring all night
Oh how I was tricked, my pipe it was broke
My pocket was picked; I lost my new cloak

A-shaking their feathers, just roused from their slumber
By the noise of the harp and of feet without number
The sons of O’Rourke bounced up in the throng
Each man with his woman and danced to the song
Till the ground shaking under, partook of their coges
Which as they quick trotted, glic-glugged in their brogues
Long life and good health to you, Loughlin O’Enegan
By my hand you dance bravely, Margery Grinigan

Here’s to you, dear mother, I thank you dear Pat
Pitch this down your throat, I’m the better of that
Come shake us down rushes, an excellent bed
And over us next, the winnow cloth spread


Song Clip