Road into Sligo


On the road into Sligo, I heard a bird singing
But I had no joy in his music at all
For my heart was in Galway along with my lover
And over my rover I let bitter tears fall

Oh, come back to Sligo and I’ll go were you’ll go
And we’ll go together when I am your own
All the roads of the country, we’ll travel forever
And never again will I weep all alone

On the road into Sligo with beauty about me
The mountain, the valley, the wide waterfall
But all I could see was a grey road in Galway
And him swinging down it, so handsome and tall

On the road into Sligo I met happy people
All coming and going from meek little homes
On the road into Sligo, my heart stood in ruins
But out of the ashes, a new dream was born




Song Themes

Love spurned