Rose of Castlerea


Oh, the lambs were playing in the field
And the tulips were in flower
When I left the home I love so well
I can never forget the hour
Before me were Atlantic’s waves
To a home in Tennessee
Sure I left behind me the girl I loved
The rose of Castelrea

She may not have been a beauty queen
She might never be a rose
But to me she is the fairest flower
That in the garden grows
Although I’m in Americay
Across the Atlantic Sea
Sure I always love my Roscommon girl
She’s the rose of Castelrea

It’s many the night that I lie in bed
Me thoughts upon thee go
To the lovely days when I walk me love
On the road out by Knockroe
Her smiling face, her shining hair
Was a joy for all to see
’twas a cruel day I went away
From you and Castelrea

I opened up the Roscommon Herald
I just received today
For to read about my native town
And my friends so far away
But the tears began to blind me
As I glanced across page three
Had a photo of her wedding day
Was the rose of Castlerea

Farewell to you, Roscommon
From Cloonad to the Shannon shore
Farewell to Boyle and Frenchpark
I’ll never see you no more
For the cotton’s field near Memphis
Must remain home to me
Sure I’ll always love my Roscommon girl
She’s the rose of Castelrea




Song Themes

Love spurned


John Duggan